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Setting down a firm base, this course takes students through the essential elements of i2 Analyst’s Notebook before lifting them to a higher level of skill and understanding. Students will gain the knowledge needed to create, search, and analyse charts and to produce clear and concise results.

The course uses a variety of information to ensure that students deal with familiar data: such as communication records, financial records, organised groups, and a variety of standard intelligence reports. It also exposes students to new and useful methods of using Analyst’s Notebook to help them in their everyday analytical role.


Students must be familiar with Microsoft Windows, and in particular opening, closing, and saving files. All courses are conducted in English so they should have a good understanding of spoken and written English. Please note translators can be used on closed courses.

Is this the right course for you?

This course is aimed at new or self-taught users of the software who wish to learn and work in a more effective and efficient way.

Where Next?

There are a number of one and two day Analyst’s Notebook modules that you can take to further your knowledge. If possible we recommend that you use the software for a few months before taking the additional courses. This will give you time to apply what you have learnt from this course and maximise the benefit of the modules. If you use iBase then we recommend the Using iBase With Analyst’s Notebook course as a useful follow on course to Analyst’s Notebook Standard and iBase Standard.


By the end of the course students will be able to:
- create analytical and briefing charts both through importing data from MS Excel and manually. - begin using several of the essential Search and Analysis functions.
- have a good insight into both the analytical and visual potential of the software.

Course Content

-  Introduction to Analyst’s Notebook
-  Structuring association and temporal charts
-  Search and Analyse including:

Search, Find Text, List Items
Visual Search
Bar Charts, Histograms and HeatMatrix Find Linked Items
Find Path, Find Connecting Network
-  Find Matching Entities to identify possible duplicates
-  Importing data from Excel to create charts as required
-  Briefing and Presentation to get your message across

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IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook Standard Course

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