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Setting down a firm base, this course takes students through the essential elements of i2 iBase for new users, or those who wish to refresh their knowledge. It equips them to add, search and analyse volume data to discover hidden information and connections and teaches them how to take information from iBase into other applications such as i2 Analyst’s Notebook and Excel. The course uses a variety of information to ensure that students deal with familiar data: such as communication records, financial records, and a variety of standard intelligence reports. It also exposes students to new and useful ideas that can help them in their everyday analytical role.


By the end of the course students will be able to:
- add Entity and Link Records to an iBase database manually and through importing data from Excel. - gain an insight into the different field types and formats to assist with the input and analysis of

- begin using several of the essential Search and Analytical functions.

Course Content

- Introduction to iBase
- Adding Entity and Link Records

Understanding types of field

Avoiding adding duplicate records
- History and Alerting
- Finding Records and Saving Records in Sets

Find Search 360 Sets

- Queries
- Importing Entity and Link Records

Field Actions to standardise data
- Working with iBase and Analyst’s Notebook - Reports and Exporting Data

Creating Reports Definitions Exporting data to Excel

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IBM i2 iBase Standard Course Overview

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