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Our Introduction to Insolvency Courses are ideal for people new to the insolvency industry, have recently changed roles to work in Insolvency, anyone who needs a refresher or even people not working in insolvency who have interest in how the insolvency industry works. These courses are also an excellent lead in to the CPI examinations. 
This dynamic suite of 6 courses covers all of the basics of Insolvency but more importantly deals with the real, practical elements that delegates will encounter on the day-job. The courses will include real insolvency documents and practical exercises to help delegates understand what working in the insolvency industry entails. There will also be a focus on the skills new starters will need to work in insolvency, clearly explaining the basics like inputting creditor claims, case diaries, checklists, cashiering, time recording and more.
These courses are full day courses and are held in both London and Manchester several times per year. The courses are £250 each, plus VAT and you can book individual courses, a combination or the full suite. If the full suite is booked, a 10% discount will be applied. 
All delegates on our ITI courses receive a folder of course notes that detail the course content and can be used as reference point throughout their insolvency careers.
This course focuses on Personal Insolvency and will look at the key law around Bankruptcy, to include the advantages and dis-advantages, the ways to be made bankrupt and the procedural steps of bankruptcy from start to finish. This will include details about assets, claims, dividends, reporting, remuneration, antecedent transactions and much, much more…
This course focuses on Personal Insolvency and will look at IVAs and how and when they are a suitable alternative to Bankruptcy. The course will analyse the mechanics of an IVA and consider the when it is a suitable option to a debtor. The course will also look at a real IVA proposal, debtor’s income and expenditures and an IVA vs Bankruptcy document.
This course will look at the varying aspects of an Administration, working through a real life case study from cradle to grave. This will give delegates an overview of not only the procedural requirements of an Administration but also a detailed look at the practical aspects like trading, pre-packs, retention of title and employees. The course also covers the ever-topical Company Voluntary Arrangements and look at why a CVA is a useful rescue tool and why they have become increasingly popular. This course will guide delegates through the process of how to get a CVA up and running, right through to conclusion. 
This course will give delegates an excellent overview of the three main types of Liquidation; CVL, MVL and Compulsory. The course will look at when each case type is relevant and the various differences between them. There will be a focus on the interaction with directors and members and an overview of the procedural steps taken in these cases to include, case commencement, reporting, remuneration, dividends and case closure.
This course will focus on the role of a Liquidator and their main role and duties. The course will also focus on the more practical side of a Liquidator’s role and will look at the day to day practicalities of selling assets and working with agents and lawyers The course will have a strong focus on investigations, looking at the Liquidator’s duty to compile a conduct assessment on the directors of the company and will analyse the various claims and actions a Liquidator can take to recover assets and funds for the creditors. This course will be incredibly practical with delegates being provided with some real life books and records to assess and analyse to aid understanding and learning.
This course focuses on the basics of Insolvency Numbers, giving delegates an insight into the numbers, documents and calculations they may encounter on the job. The course will run through the basics of a P&L, a balance sheet, a statement of affairs and other vital numbers documents

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Introduction to Insolvency

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