Understanding and supporting customers with a serious illness
Brief summary of course

A serious illness can have a devastating effect on a person and their family, and staff can find these disclosures particularly challenging.
Recent research shows that frontline collections staff will receive an average of 15 disclosures a month about a customer with a serious illness.

Equipping staff to have these conversations and identify and support people who have a serious illness is a vital part of achieving the right outcomes for your organisation and your customers.

Course outline

To develop your staff to;

understand why it’s important to take a customer's serious illness into account;
handle disclosures of serious illness; and
deal with potentially difficult circumstances

The training will also help your staff to achieve outcomes that are best for both your customers and your business.

Who is it for?
All front-line, customer-facing staff, management, specialist teams, back office staff and relevant suppliers.
What’s covered?

What is a serious illness?
What affect does serious illness have on your organisation?
Common conditions
How to handle a customer’s disclosure – from initial response to managing the disclosure and adhering to the Data Protection Act
How to better understand a customer’s situation
The five components of the TEXAS acronym as a tool for dealing with vulnerable factors
The four points of the IDEA technique as a tool for understanding the significance of the vulnerability presented
Strategies for dealing with challenging circumstances, including customers who are in shock, angry or low, customers who may be disabled or carers who make contact

Benefits to you:

Improve your reputation as a responsible organisation that treats customers fairly
Gain the skills, tools and confidence to handle customers in vulnerable circumstances fairly and consistently
Improve your debt recovery rates and Improve broken repayment arrangements, and minimise the likelihood of additional financial costs, and a worsening of the customer's mental health
Meet your legal and regulatory responsibilities under the Mental Capacity Act and Data Protection Act
Supports all parts of your business (lending, customer service, fraud, retention, collections and digital)

Training options

E-learning: a device responsive 30-40 minute e-learning package

The e-learning will help your staff to recognise what a serious illness is and the impact it can have, as well as equipping them with different strategies for talking with and supporting customers who have a serious illness

Consultancy: we can work with you to develop training, policies and principles that take your workplace practices into account

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Understanding and supporting customers with a serious illness

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